About me

Hello there, I'm Jes Tian, from China, a full-time solo traveler in a 3-year world-wide trip.

22 months ago I closed down my company, started to travel around the world.
Until now I've traveled to 16 countries uninterrupted.
I've learned various ways of thinking and different cultures from the people who come from more than 50 countries.

I love animals, especially cats.
When I travel to a new place, taking photos of animals is my must-do thing.

As I used to travel as local, I also got some special experiences in this way. So my blog will have 2 main topics:
1; special experiences and useful tips of my trips
2; Original photos of street cats and other animals

Also, many foreign friends I met on my trip asked about how to start a first China trip.
so I will write something to answer this question according to my experience of traveling and living in most of China.
It will come later.

welcome to CONTACT me
yellow880423@gmail.com / 307242944@qq.com