[46 Pics] 5 Stray cats live around a church in Tbilisi

Stray cat photos January 30, 2019

These stray cats photos were taken at different time, so the colors are different.
Some photos are warm, some are cold, I have done a lot of works to keep the original color of the cats.

Here comes the first one, a long hair Siberian cat who looks like a lion.

The second cat looks the same as the first one, just a little different about the color.
Maybe these two cats are brothers.

The third stray cat who has a very fat face.
I adore this kind of cat, so I took a lot of photos for him.

The third one is a black small kitty, she is very afraid of people.

The fourth one is a 3- color cute kitty.
I only saw her one time, got a few photos of her.

The last one, I only got one photo of him, because at that time he was sleeping, I didn't want to disturb him.

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