[25 Pics] Hiding game with two adorable timid kittens

Stray cat photos January 12, 2019

Daily stray cats photos, took in Tbilisi.
After two days relax and reuniting friends, yesterday I started to work again as a full-time cats photographer.
when I was walking around the old city and looking for street cats, I found these two cute kittens.

According to my past 1-year experience in shooting stray cats, I found it is rare to see stray kittens in the street.            
There are two reasons:            
1: Cat mothers usually hide their baby kittens from the street to protect them.            
2: Small cats are timider than adult cats and also hide by themselves.  

So it was very unexpected to meet them and I didn't see their parents around, They may be orphans.

Here come the photos of the small black cat, she is a little timid and always kept distance with me.

Can you believe she is a stray cat lives in the street?
Maybe you can't, because she looks clean and healthy.

But the truth is that these two stray cat's faces and bodies are very dirty.
I did a lot of photoshop works to remove the dust on these tow cat's face to make them look more like home cats.
As I said, I will photography the stray as beautiful as home cats to let people know, stray cats can be also clean and more beautiful if they treat them as their own home cat. Please pay attention and help the street homeless cat.
But I didn't change any shape to make the cats cuter.

Usually, taking photos of black cats is more difficult than cats of other colors.
Because it's not easy to focus on their faces due to the black color, especially in dark light.
We need to be more patient to wait for the moment and find a suitable angle.

Now I show you the other brown cat.

This brown cat is not as timid as the black cat. He always tried to get close to me and rubbed me with his small soft body.

Here are three tips for kittens photography:            
1: Kittens are more active than adult cats, We can easily catch interesting moments, so the shutter must be fast.            
2: Kittens' body are small, If you want to photograph the whole body, don't use too big aperture.
3: Squat down and use a lower angle, you can get the photos visual parallel to the cat.

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