[10 Pics] Long hair street cat looks like a lion

Stray cat photos January 09, 2019

Yesterday I left Armenia to Georgia.
When I arrived my hostel in Tbilisi, I saw some cats there, so I tell myself it is a good hostel, haha!

From today I will start to take photos of these stray cats.

I have been here 4 time, this time is only for taking photos of stray cats here.
In Tbilisi, the number of street cats is huge, especially in the alleys of the old town.
People here like cats and don't limit their freedom, so you can see many fat cats and expensive cats walk on the street.

This one has very long hair and angry face, not so friendly to other cats.
Here comes the photos.


There was another brown cat here, that time he kept following her, maybe he is her boyfriend.

More photos from Tbilisi
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