[82 Pics] Stray Cat Photos - 10 Stray cats I like the most in the last month

Stray cat photos December 16, 2018

After been traveling for 22 months across 16 countries,
I have taken thousands of pictures of the stray cats from different countries.

Through my stray cat photos, I want to tell more people:
stray cats are also very cute and beautiful .
Please pay attention to them and help them.

These street cats photos to be shared today were taken in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, in Novemeber. It spent me more than 3 weeks.

1: Timid me (A three-flowered stray cat)
This three-flowered stray cat lives near a garbage bin in a residential building.
I was stunned by her innocent and ignorant little eyes.
My friend said: "I didn't like cats before. because of her I started to like cats now. She is so cute!"

This one should be his mother or his father. They are exactly the same, haha!

2: Adorable me - little milky stray
A little milky stray cat near my house,          
He hasn't learned how to walk well yet.        
I didn't dared to get too close to him. I was afraid to frighten this street kitty.          
But he is alert even as a newborn milkcat, and found me at a very long distance.
Apologize for frightening him.

3: Sleepy me
It's hard to believe she is a stray cat,because she has so beautiful and clean appearance which means she has been taking very careful.
Her bright brown pupils are really amazing and strongly match the leaves on the ground.
This street cat was sleeping when I met her. I was quite far away. She came to me when she saw me at a distance.
She is not afraid of people and very fond of people.

4: Sad me
Some cats are born with a different look.    
This stray cat's drooping eyes gave him a natural sad expression, really special.
I followed him for 40 minutes, unconsciously became sad too...
His green eyes are really amazing, like green glass beads, the real color is much more beautiful than the photos.          
Just, too sad, haha!

5: Another sad me
This stray cat looks like the one above, he also has drooping corners of the eyes, falling eyebrows,
 green glass beads eyes, in addition to his hair color, they can be twins.

He was concentrating on lurking and crawling on the grass, ready to catch some pigeons in front of him.
During an half hour waiting, there were lots of people walking around, also the distance between him and them was too long, so he didn't start an attacktion.
The patience of this street cat in catching prey was admirable!

6: Adorable me
In Armenia, this kind of cat with gray ears and white face and body is very common.
It is probably the main breed here. Eyes are usually coloured, round and very cute,  super active.
This stray cat is not afraid of people, that is why I can shoot so close.

7: Angry and timid me.
I'm a big fun of this kind of big face cat.
This stray cat looks like Japanese cat, also he has a same face as Uncle Redcat.
However, even with so angry and a little fierce look, he is incredibly timid,haha~
So I didn't dare to get too close, the picture pixels are not high, because it was really far away from him.

8: Thinker me
When I found this stray cat, he was lying on the ground like the picture and thinking about something, life? dream? Fish?  haha ~           
Later, i discovered that he has a twin cat, the amazing same look almost confused me.

When I met this street kitty, he just run out of the cafe. He should have just finished his coffee.
Haha! Very small, always got close to me.
He was born to be a cat model, posing is too easily for him, and he could easily deduce various roles.

10: Plush toy me
In my trip of the three Caucasus countries (Georgia, Azerbaijani, Armenia),
I say Azerbaijani has the largest number of long-haired stray cats.

There are more short-haired cats in Armenia.So I was shocked when we first met.

He looks like a plush toy. I really want to hold him up and play with him on my hand. haha!

But this street kitty is very timid, kept about 3 meters away from me all the time,
then looked at my camera,he seemed to know that I am taking pictures of him.

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