[29 Pics] My neighbor cats

Stray cat photos December 18, 2018

After been traveling for 22 months across 16 countries,
I have taken thousands of pictures of the stray cats from different countries.

Through my stray cat photos, I want to tell more people:
Stray cats are also very cute and beautiful.
Please pay attention to them and help them.

Today's stray cat photos spent me more than 20 days.       
These stray cats live in a courtyard near my building.
So I met these cute street cats every day when I went out.
They always came to me on their own initiative.            
There are five almost identical cats.

There is a story about these night photos:
When the old woman in the picture was feeding these stray cats cat food,
a car came up with the very strong headlights on, some of these street cats were scared away.
Then the old woman turned around and roared at the driver.
I didn't understand what she said to the driver.
I guess probably she meant to don't turn on such a big light to frighten the cats away.

First I didn't understand why she was so angry.            
Later I realized the reason is that bright light would hurt these stray cats' eyes.

At first, I could only take pictures of them from a distance.            
Peeping at their performances while not disturbing them.

Then I tried to be gentle and approach them slowly with some dried fishes.
They began to lay down their guard and walk slowly toward me.

Then they even started to play with me.
This stray cat was under my legs when I was taking these cat photos.

Some cats really have a memory, so as this street kitty.          
After serving this kitty for about three days, she was not afraid of me anymore. 
I could easily get close to her.            
The new problem was that every time I went to her, she would come over to me too close,
I couldn't take pictures with big scenes.

The end, Thanks for your time~

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