[22 Pics] Stray Cat Photos - Back from work

Stray cat photos December 13, 2018

These cat photos were taken in Yerevan Armenia.
That time I didn't mean to make a story of this cat.
I spent more than 1 hour with him and got these funny moments by chance.
I was surprised that it can be such a good cat story, haha! Here comes the story.

Every day when I come back from my heavy work, this is how I walk home:

Every step is so heavy for me.

Sometimes I want to cry also.

But the tears stop in my eyes. I can't even cry out.

Then I try to get some sleep to feel better.


Then my friends always came to me and interrupt my sleep, "Hey buddy, Let's go out for fun".

"Sorry, my work has taken all of my energy, I just want sleep".

Why everyone is so energetic except me?

Then I continue my sleep, but I can't sleep even I am so tired.

Did I do anything wrong? Why my life sucks! 

Maybe I really need to fire my boss! Set me free!

But, what can I do if I lose my job?

Forget it, sleep, tomorrow will be better.

"Hey, buddy! you are still sleeping???" Let's find some fun!

Failed enough, let's go.
"Come on, man, pull yourself together! "

How? Nobody can understand me.

This is my life, thanks for your time!

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