[15 Pics] 15 Pics of my Japan trip to show you the lonely lifes of Japanese.

Traveling alone.
A traveler is standing among the heavy snows and looking to the mountains.
I took this picture in OTU, Japan. It reminded me of myself. I am also traveling alone..

Painting alone.

An old man is sitting in the center of the business street and painting the beautiful view in front of him.

Go to work alone.
A man in suit and holds a handbag is going to work.

Working alone.
An old man feeds the birds on the shore of the lake. I hope I have the same work like this.

Walking to home alone.
The woman returns home from the institute after studying. In Japan, there are a lot of old students, maybe they believe that they should never stop learning in the whole life.

Walking alone with bicycle.
A woman walks to somewhere with her bicycle on the bridge. 

Enjoying nature alone.
Grandfather strolls in the forest and left his tracks on the snow.

Walking alone.
The woman passes through a group of people․I saw that the Japanese often go to worship alone.
Staying alone in the countryside.
An old woman said hello to me when she was passing by me in the countryside. I felt warm then I took this photo.

Coming home alone.
An old stylish woman returns home. Well, there is no doubt most of the Japanese are very fashionable. 

Back from the prayer alone.

Grandfather goes down the steps of the cathedral. This phenomenon is common in Japan, lonely old people are everywhere.

Hang out alone.
Something caught an old mans attention while he was walking down the street.

Walking alone
An old man is walking to the huge tree in the park on a sunny day.

Going home alone.
A businessman with the beautiful suit is going home after work and enjoying the view of high-rise buildings surrounded by trees․

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