[>100 Pics] Traveled to Yerevan. Witnessed Armenia demonstrations.

Fortunately, the revolution started from the day after I arrived in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. It lasted for about 10 days.

The purpose of this revolution is to oppose the new prime minister as the people of the whole country disagree with his political views and will not allow him to come to power yet again.

The revolution started in this way;
Some guys pushed the roadside public seats to the middle of the road to stop the car from passing, and then some others followed them to do the same thing, then more and more people joined them, the traffic within 2 kilometers of the free square was paralyzed in few minutes.

Someone blocked the road by car.

 Some guys put up a tent and slept right here.

 Someone dragged the generator to here.

Later, more and more people joined them,  then all the cars were cleared away, the road became empty.

After that, people marched from morning till night. It was spectacular. During the day, the students were the main ones, others joined in them after work. 

It was about the third or the fourth day, some guys started to destroy things, such as the traffic lights and the billboards, only then the police showed up. I had never seen a policeman before this. But when the guys broke public property, they were despised by the crowds. At last, the police took them away.
It may be because the crowds think they can express their views and demonstrate, but they can not destroy public properties, because the public property is spent on the money of the people.
The fifth day or so, a lot of police began to show up, but the crowds were not afraid of them, they were busy on chatting with others and taking pictures, and the police car was so cute.

From now, I didn't understand the real situation, so I will describe what happened in the next days in a funny way. 

In the coming few days, the situation became the most serious and there was a lot of police force. 
Those days, there were policemen in 4 different uniforms, but basically, they didn't wear any weapons.
The police in this uniform had the largest number. I assume they were there as models for tourists to take photos, they moved into place every 10 minutes. With each change, the crowd would cheer and boo, I didn't understand why they did this, I guess they might praise them standing very straight.

And there was a photographer following and photographing them.
I think foreigners who misunderstood the situation may think they were making a film.

These special forces below had great figure and wore socks showing only five facial organs while running very fast. Their main task; to show their good figure by running, sometimes also catching unsuspected citizens.

Run to here.

and here.

and here.

and here.
 wow, got a very good one.

Keep running. Look, the handsome guy on the right is not afraid of them.

Finally, they caught one guy.

But the guy might say: why me? why me? why me?
Then they couldn't find an answer and released him. 

This kind of police who wear a little red cap was the slowest one, they used to be molested by the bad guys, did not catch a few of them.

This would be the "explosion-proof" police, they were the only ones equipped with weapons. However, is the weapon for defense? Also, a photographer conveniently took pictures of them.

Tourists were enjoying themselves without a care in the world, while policemen were busy catching mischevious individuals. The crowd did not panic, many rushed into the procession and began shouting and demonstrating. Including me, shortly after I received many kind smiles from native Armenian girls.

Here we arrive at the warm moments of locals which happened at the same time.

They caught some people, let's grab the fish.

With my strong father, I'm not afraid of anything!

Ha!I can control the water!

I can help you to catch the bad guys!I am fast!

The demonstration is very important, I need to be fashionable! 

Someone brought his dog here.

Let go daddy, here is so boring.

Hang on a sec, I will find someone to play with you, trust me. 

Haha! thank you, daddy! 

come the serious moments. But my friend told me that they will be released after few days which made me feel better.

Also, the police didn't forget to help old man pass the road.

Finally, they left. Let me take a break.

People at all ages expressed their dissatisfaction in different ways.

Normal guys

Unnormal guys 



Come on! We will win!!!

Beautiful girls

Take my flower, join us,it's free. 

The first demonstration succeeded in stopping the prime minister from getting into power. They will vote another one!

I'm Jes, a full-time traveler on a 3 years world-wide trip. Until now I've spent 15 months to travel to 16 countries. 

My Instagram: Jes.tian

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