[56 Pics] The third time to travel back to Tbilisi Georgia, Took some newest photos.

The third time to travel back to Tbilisi, this time I saw the best view thanks to the good weather and right season. Greens and flowers everywhere. Animals start to come out.

Compare to winter, now I feel freer and more convenient to visit everywhere with no restriction from the cold. During the new 4 days stay here, every day started from the blue sky and bright sunshine, same as last month in Yerevan. (see my Yerevan trip >)
So I might suggest you travel to Tbilisi during May and June to get a comfortable experience.
These photos are from today's daily walking.

Local kids, they were very curious about my east Asian face. They are so cute!

There are large numbers of friendly dogs and funny street cats here, you can't image how many are they. As an animal lover, couldn't feel more loveable.

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Local grandfathers were very friendly to me and invited me to drink with them and asked for taking photos of them.

Dilapidated houses in the ancient city.
The style of houses here are very different from the city I used to live in, and also I've been to many modern cities in the past year. So this old style attracted me a lot.

Then got dark, the sky turned to be more beautiful.

Some of my friends always asked me about "why I came to Tbilisi so many times, are there special things in Tbilisi?” Actually, I haven't met something very special yet. But in my eye, this peaceful and quiet city is very good to leisure, to enjoy the slow life. Evey time I got back to Tbilisi, I felt completely relax. Every day I spent 2-3 hours in discovering this city by walking around slowly, always got some surprises like funny animals, cute babies, and friendly locals, which is the special thing for me.

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