[31 Pics] Meet local kids feeding a dog whose owner left his house for many days through a small hole In Yerevan Armenia.

When I traveled to a new city, I prefer to spend more time in visiting local places.
In Yerevan, Armenia, When I was walking around a local village, I saw some local kids feeding a dog whose owner left this house for many days through a small hole. I was touched.

Then I spent an hour in playing with them and enjoying the Armenian local time. Took these photos.
Here is the entrance to the village.
Old style houses, the color is very nice, dilapidated but beautiful.

Armenian's special way of hanging up clothes, full of artistic sense, haha!

A cute cat is hiding from me.

Dove's house

An angry cute dog is shouting at me when I was passing by.

Here come the local kids. Almost everyone has big eyes, they are very cute.

Look how happy they were.
It reminded me of my country China's children, who are addicted to mobile phones and the Internet all the time. They became more and more not good at getting along with others. I admire here children have so many partners and so much time to play together. Wish they can enjoy each other all the time.

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