[23 Pics] Traveled to a beautiful local place in Yerevan Armenia.

As a traveler, compared to tourists, I have more time to visit the very local places to know the local's real life of each country, which is also my main style of traveling. And now I'm trying hard to visit more local places in the world to share with more people.

After staying in Yerevan for 20 days, my friend took me to an Armenia local place where I had a conversation with the locals and a whole fabulous view of Yerevan city, I felt very good.
This place is the most eastern border of the city. When we arrived at there a little late, the setting sun gave the place a high degree of saturation, which was very untrue, we felt like we are in the cartoon.

A bus older than my age was still working.

The passengers and the driver were all curious about me.

These local children were playing very happy, although they were a little shy, they would like to let me take pictures of them. They were very interested in us, had been tried to get our attention.

Most of the local children have very big eyes, very cute.

Overlooking the whole city from here, we get such a picture.

From those ancient buildings, I can tell here is full of history, very worth to learn deeper.

Thanks for your time.

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