[17 Pics] 15 warm moments from my Tbilisi Georgia journey.

After traveling around the world for 14 months, I traveled to Tbilisi Georgia, the 16th country of this world-wide journey. As that was my second time there, I decided to know deeper about the city and locals. I spent 25 days in discovering only Tbilisi, the capital city, almost been to everywhere in the city. Got a lot of warm moments from Tbilisi. Here I listed 15 warm moments of them to share with you.

Baby, you are a man now.
There is no doubt you can find a lot of cute kids in Tbilisi. In my eyes, Tbilisi is a paradise for kids lover. Their parents always welcomed me to play with their children, which made me very warm.

A grandmother was taking a walk with a baby.
When I saw them, I guessed the baby should be very cute, then I got closer to them, I found she looks like an angel. The grandmother would like to allow me to take photos as more as I want, so first she warmed my heart, then the baby took my heart.

"Grandfather, how long should we wait for getting the fish?"
I assume there is a same culture between Georgia and China; most of the grandfathers and grandmothers help taking care of the kids for young people.
That moment reminded of my grandfather, the man who loved me the most in the world.

Another grandfather.

Walking with grandmother.

"Let's pick put a fabulous flower for your mother."
I always wished that I can have such a personal happy time with my father. In my past 29 years, I've never enjoyed this kind of moment due to the super busy job of my father. When I got babies, I wish I can be with them for 24 hours every day.

"How about now?"
"Let me see, move a little to the left, ok now it's perfect!"
As I love animals, the animal zoo is a must-visit place for me when I traveled to each city. The ZooKeeper is my dreaming work. I know taking care of the animals is not an easy work, which needs a lot of patience, I respect them!

"Girl, wait for a second, Let me get closer, how is my hairstyle? ok, you can take photo now."
Wish I can find a girlfriend who also loves animals.

Even we couldn't understand each other, this grandfather still chatted with me for 10 minutes. He is very friendly to me and curious about my country China.

The first time, I was asked to take pictures for the local young people.

The second time, when I was passing by, a local guy asked me to take photos of these two beautiful ladies.

"Can I take photos of you guys?"
-The first photo of Georgia local children.

On the last day of staying with us, Ukrainian girl spent 4 hours in cooking a lot of Ukrainian food for all of us. We were touched.

Thanks for your time, I'm Jes, on a world-wide trip to catch the warm moments from the world, welcome to join me.

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