[15 Pics + 1 video] Found a Street Siamese Cat with AMAZING blue eyes

Stray cat photos May 06, 2018

I found her in the old city on a trip to Tbilisi Georgia.
A Siamese cat who has so fantastic blue eyes and amazing color matching the environment.

But I'm not sure if she is really a homeless cat, because the Siamese cat is a world-famous shorthair
More than 200 years ago, this precious cat was raised only in the royal palaces and temples of Thailand.

Even now, it's still not cheap to own a pure Siamese cat.
So it's unnormal to see a stray Siamese cat just hanging out in the street without any restriction.
Maybe her owner keeps her freedom or she just escaped from her home, haha!

I don't like my parents.

So l just ran away from home.

It was very easy for me, just jumped out of the yard.

Then used my beauty to ask for help, Hey handsome! Help me down!

But, this guy was not helpful, said; "sorry none of my business, I don't want to get in trouble", then just left!!!

Then I did by myself.

Haha! I am free now!!!

OMG! my mother saw me! what shall I do???

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