[8 Pics] Traveled to my 17th country Armenia,got happy moment of local baby in Yerevan

April 28, 2018

Until now, I have been traveled for 14 months, Armenia is my 17th country of this trip。
The first day I arrived in Yerevan very late, so I took an early sleep, The second day I started to travel around this city, when I was walking to Cascade Compex, got this moment.
Baby's mother attracted doves by keeping feeding them, then the baby started to play with them. I spent 1 hour to stay there waiting for the good moment, finally took these photos.

Come on,let's dance!

I'm getting close to you now!

wow! there is a beauty! how should I do to get her attention?

Yea,forget it,keep to be myself, because I'm always the focus.

I'm gonna go across all of you, nobody can see me.

Yea! I am here now!

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