[>80 Pics + 3 videos] Traveled to Signagi of Georgia, the city of love, three kids warmed my heart.

Georgia is my 16th country of this 3 years world-wide trip, after staying in Tbilisi for 10 days, I traveled to Signage, locals call it "the city of love".
I was lucky to be there on sunny days, here are the photos of the city.

The ower of my guesthouse has a cute cat, but she doesn't live in the house.

The second day, when I was walking out somewhere, met these three local kids, look how happy they were!

Also, I found some other animals.

And a cute girl told me her name when I was passing by her.

This moment, I try to explain in a funny way. That time, He was looking to another cat.

Then changed to another sitting style after 2 minutes

Forgive me, dar!

Look her face, haha! She seemed to not forgive him.

I've had it!!!

Ok, you are not my boyfriend anymore, bye bye.

Why girls are so complicated!

Then I also found some nice old cars which are older than me.

Local boys.

Cats and dogs again.

Then I went to a church nearby the city, an amazing place!

When I got back to the city, found these street cats are enjoying the sunshine.

Local's wisdom

This city is so quiet, warm and peaceful! Very worth to travel and stay for a long time to enjoy the slow life.

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