[35 Pics] Traveled to sumida river of Tokyo bay, played with birds for 2 hours

I was lucky to be there in a sunny day of the weekend. I have got the best views of this place.
Sumida river goes across the city with two long-distance running roads each side.The whole place showed a dark blue which made me feel peaceful, I stayed there for 3 hours.If you are a solo traveler in Japan Tokyo trip, you should visit Sumida river.Just remember to choose a sunny day.

Japan pays great attention to protecting the environment and gets along well with animals. I can fell this everywhere in Japan, birds and other animals don't fear of human beings, and most of them always get close to me for food. I could take some of these photos even within one meter of them. I spent 2 hours there to play with them, never felt the nature in the city can also be so wonderful. 

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